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Remote Coaching

Our remote coaching program is perfect for the individuals who wish to receive intelligently designed training programs from a trusted professional.

With remote coaching, you do not need to be On Site at Opex, we can work with you anywhere in the world! This is partly due to our very handy FITBOT program, which allows seamless uploading of videos from the coach side of things for demonstrations, and from the client side, for coaching feedback and form checks.

Remote Coaching includes:

Fully individualized training programming crafted for you based on the your goals and abilities.

Initial Nutritional Consultation and ongoing support as needed.

Skype or in person consults every 4-6 weeks as needed. These help to keep us both on track and tuned in to training needs, lifestyle concerns, or are just a good way to catch up!

Use of our FITBOT software, for communications, workout and benchmark tracking, and reporting.

Sean consulting with client

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. We start you with a 30min consult to discuss your goals and history and make sure we are a good fit for each other.
  2. From there, we normally assign some testing and assessment pieces for you to video and submit for us to review. The assessment will focus on movement analysis, mobility and technique, and could include some testing based on your goals.
  3. Using the information from the consult and the assessment, we design and write a program specifically crafted to get you to your goals.
  4. Within the first month of you starting, we will Skype or meet again for your Nutritional Consultation.
  5. Every 4-6 weeks, we have the opportunity to meet to review\refine\chat in a Skype\Phone\In Person meeting.
  6. Assigned testing phases as necessary to identify progress or to help refine and adjust the program.

Free Consult

We know that in order to help you achieve your fitness goals we need to provide support in 3 main areas: exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. The consult with your coach is the first step in the process of getting to know you, and showing you how we can help.