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Personal Training

At Opex Baltimore, our unique On Site training program offers many of the benefits of Personal Training while maximizing affordability. 

However, if you prefer a bit more personal attention we do offer Personal Training programs with an On Site Coach providing support and guidance during your session. Personal training will maximize the efficacy of each training session when combined with our cutting edge individually crafted training programs.

Personal training could be right for you if:

You’re asking yourself “should I get a personal trainer?”

You want eyes on you when you workout, but can’t attend the Floor Coaching hours (see On Site Training).

You have a particular movement issue or a skill you would like individual attention on, including weight loss.

You have specific needs, where having an Individual Coach is a necessity for you to safely train.

You have a serious pre-existing injury that you are rehabbing under doctor/physical therapist’s supervision that needs careful monitoring when working out.

Weights at the gym

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. We start you with a 30min consult to discuss your goals and history and make sure we are a good fit for each other.
  2. From there we would schedule and complete an Assessment, this includes three 60min sessions (180min) of one on one guided movement analysis, energy system testing, nutrition and lifestyle consulting.
  3. Using the information from the consult and the assessment we design and write a program specifically crafted to get you to your goals.
  4. Every 4-6 weeks we have the opportunity to meet to review/refine/chat.
  5. Testing phases as necessary to identify progress or to help refine and adjust the program.

Free Consult

We know that in order to help you achieve your fitness goals we need to provide support in 3 main areas: exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. The consult with your coach is the first step in the process of getting to know you, and showing you how we can help.