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Preparing food ahead of time aka “food prep” can feel like a daunting task. Our lives are busy, so it may seem like a lot of work to fit in one more thing. However, we are here to give you 5 ways to simplify the whole food prep process!

1. Start Simple

It can be tempting to try and find the latest and greatest recipes from blogs and Pinterest pages. The fact is that many of us simply don’t have the time, energy, or resources to devote to complex recipes with ingredients we may only use once! Our recommendation is to start simple. Try typing in “easy” or “simple” into your search bar with a main ingredient. There should be plenty of options available! Stick to the basics first and figure out which recipes you like and which you don’t.

2. Make a Grocery List

Once you get to the grocery store it can be overwhelming to remember what you need for which recipe. Writing out a quick grocery list before going to the store will save you a lot of hassle. Nothing is worse than forgetting a main component of your dish after you’ve already gotten home!

Keep it short at first and over time add more and more ingredients to your shopping list. For some, the length of time it takes to prepare fruits and vegetables can be a deterrent. Another option, although more expensive, is to buy pre-cut fresh fruits and veggies. You will have to weigh which option makes the most sense for your budget and schedule.

3. Choose One or Two Days a Week to Prep

When starting don’t try to prepare food every night. Instead, try picking just one or two days a week where you will consistently have the time to food prep. Blocking off time to food prep will make it easier to become a habit and ensure that it’s prioritized within your day. It may not always work every week, but it can help to develop a sense of consistency. By the time Monday kicks off, most of us will feel too preoccupied with work and other tasks. We recommend trying Sunday as one of your food prep days if it fits into your lifestyle.

4. Focus on One Meal at a Time

Another way to simplify the food prep process is to simply start with one meal a day. Pick the meal that makes the most sense for your schedule and lifestyle. Also, remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated! For example, if you’re not a “breakfast person”, but want to start, you don’t have to cook a lavish meal. You can have something small and easy, like a banana and nuts or yogurt and go from there.

5. Get the Right Gadget

It may seem obvious, but having the right tools and gadgets can be a HUGE time saver in the kitchen. Invest in a good chef’s knife, cutting board, pots, pans, etc.. Consider getting a slow cooker, Instant Pot, or other type of similar appliance that can make cooking a much easier process.

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