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Even though being healthy and fit is a priority for the majority of us, some of us are actually sabotaging our own efforts to do better. It’s not the extreme dieting or exercising that is going to get us to our goals. It’s making smart, simple changes in our lifestyle and creating awareness and consistency in our habits. This list is here to help you get back on track!

1. You’re not getting enough sleep

If I were to draw a pyramid of all the health and wellness factors that are important to follow, sleep would be the foundational piece. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise or try to eat well, if you’re not sleeping, you’re not recovering and living optimally. Some people say that they are “fine” on little sleep, but from a biological and physiological standpoint it’s just not true! Many of us are just so used to being in a constantly fatigued state, we actually don’t know what it is like to feel refreshed and focused. For tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene, check out our blog 5 Steps to Better Sleep.

2. You have no awareness of what you’re putting in your body

We may have great intentions with our nutrition habits and when asked, we may say they are “pretty good”. However, do you actually know what your dietary intake looks like or the food hygiene practices around that intake? For example, you may be eating broccoli and salmon for lunch, but are you doing it in front of you work computer screen, shoving in the food as fast as you can, and do you know what the quality is of that food?

We’re not here to judge, because we’ve all done it and we know sometimes it’s tough to schedule time to actually sit and eat. Yes, it is important to know WHAT you are eating, but you should also be concerned with HOW you are eating. If you’re eating in a rushed, distracted fashion then are you even absorbing the nutrients you want from that food? And, what is the digestive stress you are adding to your body by not adequately chewing and digesting your food? Awareness and optimal food hygiene practices can go a long way in how our body and digestive system responds.

3. You’re not consistent

We’ve all been there. We’re kicking ass for a couple of days or weeks and then something happens and we get derailed completely. How can we avoid it? The best thing is to try and find smaller, more manageable things to change and approach the whole thing as a long-term journey. Make BIG change, with small changes first. We get it in our heads that there’s only one way to be healthy, but the fact is that there are a lot of every day things we can do that can make a big impact. Read 5 Things You Need to Do Every Day for some helpful tips!

4. You’re trying to “out exercise” bad habits

We’ll go out and have a late night with drinks and fast food, justifying that we’ll simply “work” it all off in the morning. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t function that way. Nutrition and health are much more complicated than just simple calories in and calories out. There are other things to consider such as hormones, dehydration, and your own personal metabolic factors. As we age this becomes even more obvious that the things we were able to get away with in our 20s, definitely don’t work now! We’re not saying to not go out and have fun. Just don’t fall into the mindset that exercise can provide a magic fix to other bad habits.

5. You’re always stressed out

Stress is a killer, literally. Stress isn’t always a bad thing, but realize we get it from all angles. On a daily basis we’re dealing with stress from family, friends, work, bills and other obligations, and on top of that potentially physical stress from our fitness routine. You can only control so many factors that cause stress in your life, however we can implement different approaches to handling it better. Go for a walk in the sun, meditate, learn how to breathe, do some yoga, take up knitting, etc… All of these things are great mechanisms to possibly turning your brain off to stress.

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